Why choosing multihead weigher?

Why choosing multihead weigher?

Update Time:2019-08-12

    Multihead weigher is suitable for weighignggranule product, bean, nuts, dried fruit, frozen food, fresh food, snack food,cooked food, metal parts, plastic parts etc.

    Multihead weigher CPU will proceed theweight data received from each Weigh hopper, and calculate out numerousqualified combinations which comply with the target weight, then choose thebest one to discharge. So multihead weigher has its advantage in speed andaccuracy compared with traditional manual weighing way. For 10 head multiheadweigher, the max speed can reach 65 bags per minute, for 14 head multiheadweigher,the max speed can reach 120 bags per minute.

    For example, one snack food factory inThailand, traditional measurement method(manual weighing) has been adopteduntil 2015, the speed is only 20 bags per minute, accuracy per bag is >4g,which means each bag’s target weight is 50g, but the real weight is >54g.This factory’s output is 4000 tons per year, which means this factory willwaste 400 tons snack food due to the bad accuracy. After using Smart Weigh’smultihead weigher(SW-M10), the accuracy is within 1g, speed is 50 bags perminute. With this factory’s market requirment, he will need more multiheadweigher to meet the demands.