Multihead weigher
    Smart Weigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is one of automatic multihead weigher China manufacturers, the multihead weighing machine can be a single unit or a combination machine - multihead weigher packing machine.

    How multihead weigher works? Multihead weigher's working principle: the weigher CPU will proceed the weight data received from each Weigh hopper, and calculate out numerous qualified combinations which comply with the target weight, then choose the best one to discharge.

    Multihead weighers are flexible, we could customize multihead weigher as your requested. Share with us your requirements, get multihead weigher price now! 
Linear combination weigher
Combination weigher manufacturer - Smart Weigh, design and produce belt combination weigher for fruits, vegetables, meat; screw linear combination weigher for meat, kimchi, dates and other sticky products.Tell us your project, suitable combination weigher will be selected for you.
Packing machine
Smart Weigh not only provides single vertical packing machine, pouch packing machine and rotary packing machine, but also provide complete weighing and packing solutions, such as linear weigher packing machine, multihead weigher packing machine, combination weigher packing machine, liquid packing machine and etc.